Friday, August 24, 2007

Sharpie Markers and Kids

(**The story you are about to read is true, the names have not been change to protect the Innocent- because they are GUILTY!!!!**)

As promised, here is the story. Momma is busy taken care of somethings and Hunter is playing around, waiting for Hailey to get up. Well, when Hailey wakes up they are in my bedroom playing. Things are very quiet in there- you moms know what this means! I sneak in to check on them, and I am greeted with two of the biggest, orneriest smiles. Much to my horror Hunter has black sharpie facial hair, and tattoos on his arms. AND, because he is the good big brother, he drew tattoos on Hailey's arms as well. Thank goodness he hadn't got to the facial hair on her yet!! So, I run them in the bathroom and try to scrub it off- no luck. I call daddy at work, and ask him how to remove Sharpie, he jumps on the 'net and says that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works on hard surfaces. (We are talking about the face and arms of a 1 & 2 year old- hardly a hard surface.LOL) The only other thing I can think of is Baby Wipes (hey, I use then to clean the ink off of my rubber stamps.) The wipes work wonders, with in a few minutes they are squeaky clean once again. (No, I did not get and pictures- I was too busy trying to get them cleaned up before it had a chance to "set". LOL)
So, here is a picture of the guilty twosome taken later that evening-

I know, looking at this picture it is hard to believe my story could be true- but it is. LOL

Until later~

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Boberace said...

Making up lies about these beautiful, innocent children. You should be ashamed!