Friday, August 17, 2007

I am blessed

I decided when I started this blog to call it, "Blessed Beyond Measure", because I truly feel that way. If I would start listing all of my blessings today, I would still be sitting here a million years from now, typing away. Everyday I find a "count your blessings" moment just to say, "Thank you Lord".
One of those blessings is family, both "blood" kin and "heart" kin. I have been very fortunate to have been a Nanny in my past life. I had to privilege of caring for 3 kids in 2 families for quit a long time. Well, Ashley is the youngest, and I got her right from the start (the other 2 were 6 months old when I got them). I remember waiting for Ashley to be born, and then getting the call that she was here. She was so precious the first time I saw her. And as the days, months, and years passed I could not have loved that child any more if she had been my own. I remember how excited she was when HB & I told her and Jess that we would be getting married- until she found out I would be moving 2 hours away. The first thing she said was, "Don't get pregnant!" I thought that was odd, and asked her about it. That is when I realised she wanted to always be my "Baby Girl." She didn't want anyone else to take her place.
Last summer when Hailey was born Ashley came to help out. She knows now that she will always be my Baby Girl, not matter what!!
I am blessed to have Ashley (and Jess) as a part of my "heart" family.
Today is Ashley's day. I hope she has the most incredible day. I wish her only goodness and happiness. Today my baby girl turns 15. I love you Ashley!!!! Happy birthday!!
What and who are your greatest blessings? Go ahead and share, I would love the hear them.

(Sneak peak- Funshop, sharpie markers and kids, and some pictures coming your way.)

Until later~

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