Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Our 4H club held our Activity day the end of January. We received an email with various things offered for the kids to do. (Some of these projects will be judged for the state fair later this summer.) When I shared the list with Hailey she had her choices picked in an instant, Hunter on the other hand is a schedulers dream! There was only one activity he really, really wanted and he was wide open for whatever else was available!! When the schedule for the day was emailed back to us, Hunter was not so sure about learning how to make lefse! He had only tried it once before and was not a big fan. Lefse is one of many new to us Norwegian foods we have discovered since moving to North Dakota.
 On Activity day time came for the boy to head to the kitchen, the nice lady demonstrating how to make lefse is one of Hailey's BFF's great-grandmother. She showed the the kids how to rice the potatoes and mix the dough, and then one by one each took his/her turn rolling out the dough until it was paper thin. Then using a long,flat woooden stick the rolled out dough is moved to a hot round lefse griddle. It browns very quickly and forms bubbles, which you smack with the stick to flatten. The stick is used to turn the lefse to cook the other side and then to remove it from the hot griddle. Butter is spread over one side and then it is topped with a good covering of cinnamon sugar before it is rolled up and eaten. Much to Hunter's surprise he really does like hot lefse (cold lefse, not so much.)

 I am using the Project Life system to try and get our stories documented. I used the Seafoam Core kit for my title card and a Design A Page Protector. I embellished with a little Washi tape (hurray for finally using my Washi tape!) Thickers, and Kaiser Craft yellow pearls. The little journal piece on the bottom left picture was cut with my Cameo.

In case you you want the recipe you can find one here-->

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Kristie Maynard said...

I've never heard of this treat before, but it sounds tasty. Love the pictures, looks like he ended up enjoying it.