Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our trip to the little farm of "misfits"

 My sister works with a lady who has a small farm and we needed to go there yesterday evening to pick up something so I took the camera along. But, just as we were ready to leave we got the smallest little rain shower- it didn't even last a whole minute, but look what it left behind....

You can not tell from this photo, but it was a double rainbow. For the first time ever we could see both ends of the rainbow. (LOL the funny thing is the ends were about 40 miles apart, and were no where near spanning the horizon.)

I walked out in the field to get this shot. I wish I would have had the bigger lens on the camera!

On our way to the farm we saw a momma skunk (Miss Tina said her babies are usually following close behind her, but we didn't see them) and also a ring neck pheasant.

Once we got there we saw some bigger animals. Miss Tina has quite the collection of animals, and each one has it's own unique characteristics.

I forgot this guy's name, but he is her very timid bull. She kept saying how surprised she was that he let us get this close to him, that he usually goes to the other end of the pasture when people are around.

This is Eddie, he is a pure bred Angus. The vet said he would not live through the night the day he was born. Eddie was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. He was not able to nurse, so Tina had to hand feed him. She fed him every 3 hours and each feeding took an hour. His head looks more like a buffalo than an cow, we liked his curly hair.  With the help of Miss Tina he has overcome many obstacles in the past 3 years. She said after a lot of work he is now able to walk, but he is still not able to run.

It is a little hard to tell from this picture, but his eyelashes are about 3 inches long. He came right over to the fence and wanted Hailey to pet him.

This is Lady. She has had West Nile twice, which has left her with a little brain damage and a seizure disorder.

It did not take long at all for Hailey to make friends with Lady. She liked feeding Lady some grass. Whenever Hailey would stop feeding her, Lady would whinny begging for more. LOL

After a little coaxing Hunter fed her too. He is more reserved around animals but Hailey is a big animal lover and is very comfortable around them, they can sense that and are drawn to her too.
Miss Tina also has a cow with a turned leg and a donkey that acts as a watch dog. LOL We didn't get to see the donkey, but we heard him letting everyone know that we were there.
I asked if she sees Moose in the coulee that runs along her property. She said that the moose with jump her fence to get to her small pasture to eat. She also said that there are 2 white moose that have been spotted just down the road from her place. You know I will be trying to see them now.:-)

On our way back to the main road we saw 3 deer, so it was a very good evening to see wildlife.

I am so glad that Hailey got to meet Miss Tina and the animals. They both have a huge heart for animals, and an even larger heart for "misfit" animals. After we left Hailey asked if we could have a little farm someday. Hmmm............................

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Ashley Rock said...

Amazing photos of the rainbow, Lisa!!! And great stories of the animals, she does have a big heart!

Wanda G (stampcat) said...

WOW - what a cool post! Those rainbow pictures are stunning - they could be postcards! I had fun scrolling through your blog this morning! Love all your PI cards. Have a great day.