Friday, August 5, 2011

And now she is 5.......

So, last week in the middle of all this packing, moving craziness she did it. Without my permission, I might add. I can not believe it, without a second thought my baby girl turned 5!! F-I-V-E!!! Hailey is growing up right before my eyes!!
She picked out her own cake. She went with a brown and pink one with butterflies. She completely surprised us by not choosing a Princess cake or any other Disney/Nickelodeon character available in cake form. Nope, just pink and brown with butterflies for our five year old.

She almost blew them all out with one puff.

And just after I put the camera away she stuck her finger in the icing..... as always. :-)
She has grown so much, and changed so much in five years. Hailey definitely has her own ideas on EVERYTHING!! She has already given me more than enough Haileyisms to write a book. LOL
The cake she chose was a surprise, where she chose to have her Birthday dinner was no surprise- Golden Corral, for some reason she loves that place. (Maybe it is because she can help herself to a soft serve ice cream cone once she has finished her dinner. )
You are not going to believe what "gift" she asked for this year!!!
To be continued............
Until later~

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