Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coloring with Copics

Today I thought I would show you the process I use to color images with Copics. (I am not certified, this is just what works for me.)

First up- the "ingredients" Memento ink, an Inkadinkado cling stamp, a white gel pen, white cardstock and Copic markers.
Getting started-I used my mid-tone yellow first, leaving the tips of petals uncolored.

Using a lighter shade on the tips of the petals. (I also used the Y17 to build a second layer of color over what I had already colored with that marker.)

I used a flicking motion with my marker in what would be the "crease" in the petal. (When flicking, I always flick away from me and keep turning my paper. This helps me keep a light touch at the end of the flick.)

I moved on the the centers of the flowers.

If you look closely, you can see I added tiny dots to the flower centers with a darker color. (This helps to add dimension.)
On to the leaves. (Oops, I missed a leaf beside the second picket on the fence. LOL)

Adding the "vein" to the leaves.
I wanted a white picket fence. When coloring "white" you will still have shadows.

This photo shows how the "light source" is used. It is always good to decide from which direction you want the light source to hit your image. (This helps to keep your shadows consistent. This stamp also helped with deciding which direction the light would be coming from. See the little shadows on the fence to the left of each picket?)

A little darker shade to help with shadows and for the weathered look. (I added a little shadow beside each picket to add some depth.)

I went back and added a "V" on each flower petal with a white gel pen to add some Highlights.
I finished the image by going around the details with a light blue marker. (this helps with the illusion of depth and keeps your image from looking one dimensional. You could use gray {for a "shadow"}, blue {sky}, purple {night sky}, green {grass} or yellow {sun/light.})
Oh, and it is hard to see, but the marker is B000. :-)
This is a good time to go back and add more layers of your colors if you desire. 

Thanks for stopping by!!
Until later~

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Kristie Maynard said...

Great job, it's nice to see your process. Maybe some day I'll have the chance to really work with some Copics. Right now I have exactly one in my collection. doesn't do much good to have just one!