Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I love this Owl!!

This is the funniest owl I have ever see, and believe you me I have seen plenty of owls!! After all, several years ago I did collect owls. =) I think he looks like he partayed too hard, was up to late, or maybe he got zap in the power lines... any way, he looks like he has seen better days.
This month we used the "Tattered Rag" technique. This technique helps to give your images the look of having texture.
Can you see the "texture" on the owl? We used the Colorless Blender Solution on fabric to achieve that look.
 I think the googly eyes are perfect for this image.LOL See, isn't he the funniest owl ever?

I inked my circle so it looks like the moon.=) The Brown shape under the circle is so cool, it is a pair of brackets and a circle welded together and cut with the Cricut. No googly eyes on this one. The dew drops were customized with Copic Markers.

A tiny Cabbage Rose was added to this card. I love the way the image was cut out on this one. (An oval and rectangle welded together and cut with the Cricut.)
I really hope this cute little guy put a smile on your face,
Thanks for stopping by!!
Until later~

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Joana said...

i so love this cards, I too love owls

love the colour combos you have used