Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cupcake 1

Here is Copic Cupcake #1. We worked on directional light source in this class. I really like that this card is not the "traditional" shape. The placement of the cupcake adds a lot of interest to the card. We shaded using just one color on the cupcake wrapper. Because Copics are alcohol based you can build up your color, and then the blender can be used to remove the color from an area to help keep it lighter.
The cupcake has been layered 3 times, the first cupcake we colored the wrapper. Then the icing part was colored and cut from the second stamped image before being pop dotted on the first layer. And lastly the small heart was colored and pop dotted. (If you look closely you will notice that I colored around all the edges of all the layers to keep the white from showing.)
We used the Magic Matter for the green mat. I was so excited to use that little tool. (I have had mine in a drawer for a couple of years,negelected and unloved.LOL You can bet I will get it out and use it more often now.)
Until later~