Friday, November 20, 2009

Last week's scrap night

Last Friday was scrapbook/craft night at the church. I took 3 things to work on. The first one I finished- but it doesn't look "polished", so I am re-doing it. LOL Then I started on Christmas cards. They are white and the front is embossed. I am not too thrilled with the embossing- so I bought another embossing folder to try. Once I try the new one I will do a product review of both embossing folders. Hopefully I will have a sample to share with you soon.

This is my space. I took this picture because I was giving Desiree a hard time about using her space and more. WELL, she was on the other end of my table. See who took up all the space this time?? LOL
Casey made the cutest little skirts. She used tulle and ribbon. Just look how cute!! She zip through 2 of these in a very short time. She also made something else I will share later- they were gifts, so I will wait to post pictures.
Desiree worked on Journals and gift bags for a Prayer retreat. They were all very cute. I can not believe I didn't get a picture.
Tsarina worked on several things. She is in charge of out ACTEENS at church. They are doing a cookie "sale" this week to raise money for the shoebox Christmas gifts, so she finished stamping the bags for that. She also did some stamping for her Christmas cards. Then she helped Jennie. Jennie is making a scrapbook for her mom. She is using old photos of her mom, friends and family. She is journaling everything. She is doing such an amazing job!! The thing is her mother is blind and will never see any of it- but Jennie is not cutting any corners. I love her dedication!!
Ina finished a book for a Mentally Challenged gentleman. She also put much time and love into this album. I am sure he will love it!!

Until later~

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