Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This house...

This is a 6x12 layout for Sock's Memorial Album. (Sock was my husband's father. He passed away in 1983, and I am doing a Memorial album so my children can learn about the life of their grandpa.)
Sock and Grandma were newlyweds trying to adjust to the married life when they bought this house in 1962. Grandma still lives in this house.

The title is taken from the poem hidden under the photo. You pull the ribbon tab to lift the photo to see the hidden journaling. (This will include the amount paid, etc.)
Here is the poem I found on 2peas:

Bless this home, Lord, And all who are within, Whether it be the love of a family Or the closeness of friends. Watch over this home, Lord, Come sunshine or rain, With the sounds of laughter To always remain. For within these walls Is a love so dear, That grows in strength From year to year, This home. . .Your blessing.

I hope you enjoy!!

I am going to be very busy the next couple of weeks. Hunter has a DR appointment tomorrow- his pre-surgery check-up and then surgery on the 16th. Please remember him in prayer that all goes well.

Until later~


Julie said...

how incredible. Great project!

Barb said...

I am loving this 6x12 size... you can really get some cool layouts!

Love the hidden poem card... very nice!