Friday, March 16, 2018

Italian Sausage Sheetpan dinner

We picked up our Zaycon Fresh order last week, boneless, skinless chicken thighs and Italian sausages. We have been using Zaycon for about 5 years now, our first order hubby actually drove to Montana to pick up! We have since bought from them several times, and have tried several different meats. We have been well pleased with everything we have bought from them! The chicken thighs are something we have bought a couple of times before, this was our first time buying the Italian sausage. The chicken thighs were 1.99/lb and Italian Sausage was 2.99/lb which are excellent prices for our area, but they sent a coupon code to myemail which saved us over $21!! 
 If you are not familiar with Zaycon Fresh they are a company that delivers bulk meat (chicken, pork, ground beef, steaks, fish, shrimp lobster...) to your area. You order online and the day of pick up you go to your pickup loacation pull up beside the big truck and they load your order and send you on your way.
Getting back to the Italian sausages- I had recently seen some Sheetpan dinners pop up on my Pinterest feed. I saw several for chicken and veggies but I knew the sausages would work too. Usually when I made Italian sausages I make them like we had them at our county fair back in Ohio, on a bun with cooked onions and green peppers and tomato sauce. This time I wanted to change it up a bit. I surprised hubby when he came home expecting sausage sandwiches (he had even bought the buns LOL) and instead had a lower carb dinner ready for him.
 I lined a large cookie sheet with foil and prepped my vegetables. I peeled and diced 2 sweet potatoes, cored and seeded 2 green peppers and sliced those and a large sweet onion into strips. The sweet potato was placed on my pan first, then the peppers and onions and finally the sausages. I gave everything a light drizzle of Olive oil and sprinkled the veggies with salt and pepper, and added garlic powder to the pepper and onions. Gave things a light toss and put in a 400* oven. At 20 minutes I turned the sausages over and gave the veggies a toss then baked for another 20 minutes, my veggies were tender and the sausages were cooked through. After I pulled the pan from the over I added a little cinnamon to the sweet potatoes. Dinner was a huge hit, I ended up with only about 2 tablespoons of sweet potato left over!

 If you get an opportunity to check out Zaycon Fresh I would highly recommend them!! You can find them here- This is my referral link. Become a customer and you can get credit for referrals.
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