Thursday, April 17, 2014

Visit to the ER Layout

** Sorry for the gross photos. **
Last May  Hunter slipped in a water puddle and cut his knee on a rock. We took him to the Emergency Room where he was stitched up and sent home in short order. The small photo on the top right was taken the day after his stitches were removed. Yea, it had opened back up, so he now has a scar.

Hunter chose the "Caution" background paper, he thought it was hilarious for this layout. LOL
I used the ER Visit cut file from Treasure Box Designs. (You can see it HERE.) This is the second layout I cut with my Silhouette Cameo, let's just say I LOVE the Cameo!!
I will give you a  peek at how I like to design my layouts. I place my photo mats and die cuts in my designer software so I can see everything (and make adjustments to sizes) before making my first cut. (Not only am I a visual person, but I am stingy with my paper too!! LOL)

This is a screen shot of my design in my software. (Notice I omitted the blue tab on the right top photo when I actually put my layout together.) Once I get my project designed I save a screen shot to refer back to once I have all of my layers cut. Doing it this way is way faster for me. While the kids sleep and I can't use my noisy cutter I can design everything, then it is just a matter of a few minutes to cut and assemble.
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