Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Life...

This is my sweet girl- from a week ago Sunday. Who would know that by Tuesday she would be running a fever and sleeping- a lot. The fever would come and go until Friday. That is when she started complaining her ear hurt. My sister came to town to spend the weekend, and kindly volunteered to keep Brother while we took Sweetpea to Children's ER. Five hours later we were sent on our way home with a RX, follow up directions and one very tired little lady (After all it was 2:45 Saturday morning before we could leave the hospital!) Diagnosis- Strep throat, Scarlet Fever AND an ear infection!!  She really knows how to do it, doesn't she?
 I am so grateful that we do not have to use the ER very often. That place was a zoo. Seriously!!! A guy (probably 20 ish) came in and had been shot in the hand. Cops soon closed off one of the major hallways in the ER. Then a guy came in in shackles and an orange jumpsuit. And then a whole herd of Amish came by. Seriously, all those in our corner started laughing and then joking about hidden cameras planted just to watch our reactions. I felt like I was on Hidden Camera. LOL
 Saturday morning we were back up at 7, brother had Soccer pictures followed by a game. (Early afternoon he develops symptoms too, so he was started on Hailey's meds too.)

 Follow up at our family DR went well, I had started treating Brother early so he was all cleared up. Sister is much improved, a few more days on the meds should do the trick.

Today's Blessings:
My children are in good health-
We have some of the best Children's doctors here in town
My sister
Blocks and toys being played with
Excellent Medical care
Medication -so things like Scarlet Fever are no longer  fatal
A Crop tomorrow night at our church
Building robots out of "junk"

Until later~


Barb said...

She is adorable, Lisa! Look at that smile and those gleaming eyes :) Hoping for a speeding recovery for the little angel!

Kristie said...

You sure did have quite the week or so there didn't you! Glad the kids are doing okay. Is you sis okay now too, I know she was coming down with some of the symptoms.

Teresa Jenkins said...

So glad the kids are doing better, she really got hammered with it all huh!

Kim said...

Wow what how scary!I'm just now reading this so everyone must be better now... Bet your so glad to have your little ones well!