Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas cards

I finally got my Christmas cards mailed this week!! Whew!! I started working on them at the scrapbook night at church on November 13, I finished them on Tuesday. And no, there are not something that should have taken that long!! LOL It is fun trying to get something of my own done with to crafty pre-schoolers!! Every time I start working on something they need help with their "projects". LOL
Here is my cards for this year. I used both the Cuttlebug Snowflake embossing folder and the one from Sizzix. (I think I prefer the Cuttlebug. It looks like it is embossed "deeper" and there are more snowflakes in various sizes.) The sentiment is from TAC's Trendy Greetings. Here is the verse on the inside-

The Meaning of the Snowflake

Every new snowflake comes to the earth
is a picture of our Saviour’s birth,
because they are sent from up above
and remind us of God’s care and love.

Each one is so intricate and small
because Christ sees the details of us all,
and just as two are never the same
the Lord knows and calls us each by name.

Snowflakes gently cover the world in white
and hide what’s unlovely from our sight,
showing us how He covers our sin
and gives us His grace when we come to Him.

So may every snowflake bring Christ to mind
and in every bit of white may you find
a reason to celebrate anew
and a reminder of His love for you

-Holly Gerth

I love that poem!! I discovered last night that I still have several more to make...... so maybe these will not take as long. LOL

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season!!

Until later~


Bridgett said...

I totally HEART your cards!!! The snowflake poem is beautiful! Thank you SO much for sharing it!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

these are rally pretty, congrats on getting them done and out...I still need to get mine out....have a wonderful day!

enjoy *~*