Friday, April 25, 2008

Hunter is all better. He is back to playing and picking on his sister. He was a real trooper. Sister is glad to have him back at full speed. LOL
The picture today is for those that always want more pictures of the kiddos.(Waving to Aunt Bob and Grandma B!!)
I am so excited, tomorrow I am holding a FUNshop. It is with some awesome ladies my sister works with. (An added bonus- we get to see our families! Did I mention it is a 2 hour drive?) I have been spending a little time getting everything ready. Next week I will have lots of pictures to share.
Blessings today-
** Family**
** Peace that only comes from HIM**
**DH's job**
**Enjoying our children**
** being able to be at home with Hunter & Hailey everyday**
Until later~


samgirl said...

that is great that he is better - yay!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa so glad that Hunter is better, I know how worried you were!

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Hi Lisa. Just to let you know that I posted your candy today so it should be with you very soon. Sorry for the long delay!